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iProng Magazine 1

Lately, I’ve been focusing more on writing for iProng Magazine, which is the publication for iPhone, iPod, music, podcasting, and social media lovers. I write mostly iPhone app reviews as well as on-site reports for events.

Recently, I had the opportunity of interviewing Felicia Day, star of The Guild, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, and more. The article is the cover story for iProng Magazine’s 50th’s issue, and one I’m very proud of. This special issue was released today, hope you enjoy the read!

More articles and writings..

UCR Libraries (3rd Redesign) 0

This is the third redesign of the UCR Libraries Website. I had to work quickly on this website since the school year was fast approaching. The website was released at 6pm on September 22, 2009. Thankfully, everything went pretty smoothly. The late nights paid off. 😉

To read more about it, please see UCR Libraries (3rd Redesign)

Scrapbook Artwork 0

I just added a new digital scrapbook section under Portfolio -> Artwork. I will be posting my scrapbook templates and designs here.

Read more about my digital scrapbook artwork.

Ajax Coding Project 0

I just added a programming project I worked on last year. It’s a web form that displayed a list of print journals that the library would like to cancel. The form was sent to faculty to cast their votes on which journals they wished to retain.

Read more about the UCR Libraries Journal Cancellation Project.

Guide to Anaheim 0

I just updated my portfolio with my latest web project. It’s a guide to Anaheim for IUG 2009 conference attendees. This website was about content building more than layout design. I spent most of Saturday taking photos to be use on the website.

Read more about this website here.