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GiveWaterLA 0

Just added to my portfolio. I made a website for an amazing event last February. View the details here.

Sweet Tart Frozen Yogurt 0

I had the opportunity of working with a local yogurt shop recently. They wanted a more original website design so I created this fun and inviting website for them.

Read more about this design.

New Bookmarks 0

I added my list of bookmarks to the website. Most of the bookmarks have to do with web development and design. Enjoy my geeky finds! If you have any links to suggestion, please add them to my

Online Portfolio 2

I’ve been updating my Portfolio over the last month. In it, you will find three sections — Websites, Programming Projects, and Artwork. I will be adding more content soon. If you’re interested in what I do in my spare time :), please take a look at it.

Dining in the Inland Empire 0


I added a “Dining in the Inland Empire” page under my Resources section. I’m always looking for new places to eat around here, and I thought it’d be helpful to share it. Believe it or not, I’ve eaten at most of those places! 😀 If you find any great restaurants in the Inland Empire, please let me know so I can add it to the list!