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I’m excited to announce that I’ll be working with Cali Lewis and her amazing team on GeekBeat.TV!

GeekBeat.TV is a short video show, hosted by Cali Lewis, about technology news, current gadgets, and amazing research projects that will affect your future. I have a passion for technology, and I work hard to find the most interesting, most compelling, most exciting stories out there, and tell you about them in a quick five minutes.

The GeekBeat.TV team is a wonderful group of people and I’m thrilled to be part of it! See 3:48 as Cali introduces all of us. For the complete show notes, see GeekBeat.TV/15.

I will be responsible for writing various tech articles for the website. You can see my first submission here: Top 5 Must-Have iPad Games!

My future articles will be posted at GeekBeat.TV Articles by Daynah.

For more tech news, be sure to check out GeekBeat.TV. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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