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I recently discovered a coding community called Exercism and I absolutely love it. There are currently 62 programming languages that you can master.

Exercism is an open source and not-for-profit coding community where you can practice and solve coding exercises as well as get mentored to develop fluency in your chosen programming languages.

I am starting the tracks for PHP, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, and C++. My new goal for the year is to complete a few programming exercises every week. Let’s see if I can keep up with it!

My Published Solutions

Below are some of my published solutions from completing coding exercises on Exercism. For each track, you start off with completing the famous “Hello, World!” exercise. It is very interesting to see how “Hello, World!” is written in multiple languages. Some definitely require more lines of code than others.


There are many ways to make contributions to the Exercism programming community. I am starting with publishing solutions for now, but I do want to venture into mentoring members as well.

Become a Member

Come join me on my coding adventures and we can help motivate each other. I absolutely love the gamification for learning, especially how to code. Let’s earn badges and mentor each other!

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