Here are some testimonials and comments about me and my work. -Daynah

Daynah was essential and impressive in working through issues around design, navigation and information management. She used her expertise and networks to integrate her invaluable suggestions for efficiency and effectiveness. She also spent countless hours, including her own time, working her technical magic!

-Yolanda T. Moses
UC Riverside Associate Vice Chancellor,
Diversity, Excellence & Equity

Without your help and dedication, we would not have been able to meet our critical deadline for these materials. I very much appreciate your excellent design work and your willingness to work late to complete these complex tasks.

-Ruth Jackson
UC Riverside Libraries University Librarian

Daynah works very quickly. Given minimal guidelines, she can create a webpage or database in a short amount of time.

-Terry T.
UC Riverside Libraries Systems Department Head

Daynah’s work is consistently accurate and exceptionally reliable. I have been impressed with her responsiveness to requests for assistance from staff and for her follow-through.

Diane B.
UC Riverside Libraries,
Information Technologies and Systems AUL

Daynah exemplifies outstanding customer support, in little and big ways. She is quick-to-the-rescue in responding to questions which can stall progress and she tackles big, onerous projects by developing facile and elegant solutions.

She is an excellent listener and sensitive to user needs. Daynah’s graphic and computer skills are enviable but she does not hold tight her expertise. She graciously shares her knowledge.

-Marie B., UC Riverside Libraries, Science Librarian

Daynah is an extremely valuable liaison between the Systems Department and the departments here in Technical Services. She is informative, responsive, and highly intuitive in her service.

Juan V.
UC Riverside Libraries,
Electronic Resources & Continuations Unit Manager

Daynah designed an initial mock up of the CEN website with the initial information, within a couple of days. Her expertise in graphical manipulation and stylization gave the CEN website a very unique and fresh look. With her expertise, Daynah was able to produce a website that contained over 6 months of research in 5 days.

Shirley B.
UC Riverside Graduate School, Palm Desert Library

Your site looks fantastic and is very user friendly. I’m going to highlight it on the IUG home page when I do some edits over the weekend. Thank you so much for all they work you’ve done on this! (Referring to IUG 2009 Local Arrangements Website)

Carol Gyger, Innovative Users Group Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect
Systems Administrator
Fort Collins Regional Library District (Colorado)

Daynah, you are off to a GREAT start. Thanks so much. (Referring to IUG 2009 Local Arrangements Website)

John Culshaw from Innovative Users Group Chair,
Assoc. Professor & Interim Assoc. Director for Administrative Services
University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries

I want to commend you for your fabulous work on the redesign of the Libraries’ website. Working within such a tight deadline, you created a functional yet attractive site that will hopefully improve our users’ experience and increase their knowledge of library sources and services.

I was particularly impressed at your flexibility and responsiveness to suggestions. Bravo!

Vicki B.
Head of Reference Services
University of California, Riverside

I really like the new home page. Having staff pictures up there is a really excellent idea – that redhead girl sure looks great! I do also like the “Friendly Librarians” section on the home page, as well as the click-through page. The icons associated with the different ways to get in contact with the libraries are a fabulous idea, too. I was really trying to find something to suggest for improvement but I can’t. The design is great and colorful, too, especially the different shades of blue.

Carla A.
Science Library Circulation
University of California, Riverside