UC Riverside Libraries Content Management System (CENTAUR) is an in-house content management system built from scratch. Features include news publishing in html and xml format, automated hours interface, a task assignment system, user profile, user permission, DHTML editor, search engine, statistics (hits, click-throughs, dynamically generated graphs), and request tracker. Edits in system demonostrate on-the-fly results. System was easy to use by non-HTML editors. Written entirely in PHP, mySql, CSS, Javascript, DHTML, and XML. I co-developed this System with my co-worker. The system contains close to 200 users.

Centaur Content Management Systems

This is the main login page.

Centaur CMS: Logged In

Once you are logged in, a list of last updated files and folders is displayed.


This is the file explorer. Users have the options of creating new folders, new files, upload files and images, view the page, edit the page in a WYSIWYG editor or HTML editor, rename files, see file size, last updated time and by who, and add in meta keywords for the search engine.


This is an example of a page being edited in CENTAUR.


Example of a report of the click-through statistics.

Centaur - Graph

Example of a graphical view of the statistics module.


Example of the news/feature resources module.


This is the Hours module.

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