Clover is a cute little store in Silver Lake and Echo Park that has a little bit of everything. You can walk around the store and browse for hours. There’s artwork, frames, shoes, vases, doormats, jeans, clocks, toys, Japanese dishes, teapots, hats, and so much more.

Many of Clover’s customers have asked if the store had a website. The store owners contacted my friend Julie and I, and we built a new website from the ground up.

My Involvement:

I created the layout in Adobe Photoshop and then coded it in HTML to create a template. The store owner sent me many photos that I had to edit and optimize for the web. I also worked on the website architecture, created the email forms, trained the store owner on how to update the content herself, HTML, CSS, PHP, and Domain Set up.


July 2006 – October 2006

Website: Splash Page

CloverSilverLake Front Page

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