In my professional career as a full stack developer, I have had the opportunity to work on many types of technical projects. Listed below are some of my recent projects. I was the Technical Project Lead on many of the projects and believe these demonstrate my knowledge of web development and collaboration with cross-functional teams.

Microsoft 365 Migration

Played a pivotal role in the migration from Viterbi Exchange to Office 365 using Microsoft Graph API. Responsible for learning, testing, implementing, and launching the Service Desk Processing and Conference Room Reservation Systems.

Project Restart

Project Restart was our campus-wide effort to return to on-campus living, learning, and working. The data that needed to be submitted to the University was stored close to 200 different excel spreadsheets and manually updated. This project is important as it alleviates the workload on the Dean’s Office so they can focus on more important issues.

Workday Transition

Project lead to analyze and plan for updates needed our website infrastructure to accommodate the new WorkDay transition. WorkDay changes affected our website user  authentication to various tools.

USC Viterbi Faculty Directory

The creation of the USC Viterbi Faculty Directory was a collaborative effort between all members of our “Digital Communications and Information Services” team. My role in this project was to create a website where our faculty can be displayed by affiliation type, academic unit, keywords, and by their names. This website is integrated into WordPress using technologies like PHP, curl, and XML.

Viterbi Payroll System

The Viterbi Payroll System is a combination of the legacy PCS, other web PCS systems and the PA-1 system. This system will be our foundation going forward to implement the Workday Financial transition as well as other issues such as the account numbering issue that will start in 2022 with the legacy systems. The creation of this system was a team effort, using the knowledge of the Payroll team and my colleagues. I am really proud of the work we did as a team, as we were all learned something new from each other. Some of the things I learned while working on this project includes how to work with complex MSSQL queries, simplify software development complexities by optimizing and simplifying query statements, using new PHP functions that interact with MSSQL, and being able to read and translate Cold Fusion code.

Center for Undergraduate Research in Viterbi Engineering

This was a new tool I developed to be used by students engaged in CURVE to update their mentor and faculty advisor on their progress for the month. Students submit their monthly progress reports and their faculty advisor (or mentor) submit their feedback. Staff manage reporting terms, import student data, manage progress reports, view status of progress reports, and send email reminders to students, mentors, and faculty. This tool impacts the undergraduate population of our school and also holds the students and faculty accountable for progress in their research projects.

PhD Application Viewer – Admission Process Tracking

We needed a better way to track the nomination process of our PhD students because in previous years, this was done through emails, spreadsheets, and in-person meetings. In July, I created mockups for the Dean’s Office to review. By September, the “Admission Process Tracking” module was added and scripts were functional. We have about 4000+ PhD applicants every Fall term. Of these students, about 1000 applicants were Department Notified, but about 200+ are nominated for our limited PhD positions on campus. This updated “Admission Process Tracking” module helps gives more accountability and transparency into the decision process.

Remote Access Viterbi Computers Labs

In these unprecedented times, we can see our business continuity plans being executed and new special projects are required to achieve the goal of these plans. I continued to work on some special projects in response to the COVID-19 Restrictions, “Remote Access Viterbi Computer Labs.” This tool gives our students, faculty, and staff remote access to the computers in our labs since they cannot physically be there. Our users would click on the “Connect to a Computer” button and it will randomly connect to one of the lab computers, offering them a wide selection of applications to use. We have simplified the user interface but behind-the-scene, it is using the LabStats API to gather information like status of each machine.