USC Viterbi Faculty Directory

Dates: Sept 2017 – Dec 2017

Description: This was a collaborative effort between all members of our “Digital Communication and Information Services” team. 

Our Faculty Directory displays a listing of faculty with an appointment within the USC Viterbi School of Engineering, along with a photo, academic unit affiliations, and a link to their full profile.  This project came about when we needed a more centralized data source for this information. Our academic websites used static webpages to display their list of faculty that were manually updated. This lead to the problems later on where webpages were having outdated information.     

Our new Viterbi Faculty Directory uses data from a centralized source – Viterbi Information Tool — which is updated daily by our Office of the Dean. This ensures that our data set is accurate, updated, and reliable. Our script-generated pages also offered options to filter the data by area of affiliation, affiliation types, and academic units.      

I greatly enjoyed this project as it was a team effort so I got the chance to work with each of our team members for different aspects of the project. Coding-wise, I was able to push the limits of what our WordPress framework could do.