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I’ve enjoyed writing ever since I was a young kid. Being able to combine writing and technology is such a wonderful experience.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity of writing for iProng Magazine. I write mostly iPhone app reviews as well as on-site reports. iProng Magazine is the publication for iPhone, iPod, music, podcasting, and social media lovers. It was published as a website since January 2004, but evolved into a magazine in 2007.

Here are some articles that I’ve written for iProng Magazine.

iprong120-31 iprong120-32 iprong120-33 iprong120-34 iprong120-35 iprong120-36 iprong120-37 iprong120-39 Technology Blog
I also have a technology blog that I post at. Here are some of my favorite articles.

Other publications, writings, and contributions:


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