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UCR Libraries (3rd Redesign) 0

This is the third redesign of the UCR Libraries Website. I had to work quickly on this website since the school year was fast approaching. The website was released at 6pm on September 22, 2009. Thankfully, everything went pretty smoothly. The late nights paid off. 😉

To read more about it, please see UCR Libraries (3rd Redesign)

California Energy Network 0

Just added the The California Energy Network (CEN) website to my portfolio. It was a fun project and I enjoyed creating the graphics for this website. Read more about it here.

UCR Diversity 0

I just added an academic website that I worked on from June 2008 – Dec. 2008. Building the UCR Diversity website involved a lot of departments on campus, so communication was key. It was the first project that I worked on using the campus’ new content management system — OU OmniUpdate.

Read more about the project here.