Here’s a fun tutorial that I created. Learn how to draw a Hamster in Adobe Illustrator!

How to Draw a Hamster with
Adobe Illustrator 10.0 and Adobe Photoshop 7.0
Written By: Daynah
Step 1: First open up Adobe Illustrator. To your left, you will see a long toolbar with all your drawing tools. The most important tool will be your pencil (circled in the image on the left.) Click on the pencil to change your tool.
Step 2: If the pencil is too thin or too thick, you can change the size of the stroke in you ‘color’ window. This window one of the small windows to your right. Move the arrows up and down or manually edit the pixel size of the pencil stroke.
Step 3: With the pencil, draw a circle. This will be the head of the hamster.
Step 4: When you’re done drawing, make sure you lock the layer in place. You don’t want to accidently edit the layer. It’s good practice to draw each body part on a single layer so it would be easier to edit later. The window you see to the left is called the ‘layers’ window. Click on the third button at the bottom of it to create your next layer.
Step 5: In a new layer, draw the top of the hamster’s mouth. When done, your layer window should look like the one below:
Step 6: On a new layer, draw the bottom half of the hamster’s mouth. When done, your layers window should look like the one below.
Step 7: In your toolbar, select the circle shape. Then, switch the fill and border colors at the bottom of the toolbar. (For detailed instruction, see image on left.) When you did that, draw two eyes with the circle shape. Your image should look like the one below.
Step 8: On a new layer, do the same as you did above except switch the colors back to black border, and white filling and also draw the circles smaller.
Step 9: On a new layer, draw some sort of hat for the hamster. Be creative, it doesn’t have to look like the one I drew.
Step 10: On a new layer, you can decorate the hat if you like.Step 11: On another new layer, add a nose to the hamster with the pencil.
Step 12: Give your hamster a body. The shape I drew is a half opened circle.
Step 13: On separate layers, draw the feet and arms.
Step 14: If you like, you can draw something for the hamster to hold between its arms.
The trick here is to make sure the new layer is under the layers that
have the arms. To do this, you can highlight layer 9 (with the body) and then click New layer (the third button on the layer window) and it will create a new layter under layer 12 (the arms). See picture below.
Step 15: Draw in the ears where you want them to be. Do the same as above, make sure the layers with the ears are behind the layer with the head and hat.
Create a new layer under the layer with the eyes. Draw the strip. Your image should look
like the one above. Your layer window should look like the one on the right.
Step 16:
In the toolbar, double click on the filling color and select a color for your hamster. (See image to side.) Layers should look like image below:
Step 17: When done, your image should look like the one on the left. Save the image as
Step 18: Open up Adobe Photoshop. Open the file It will ask you to “Rasterize Generic PDF Format.”
Click OK.
Step 19: In your Adobe Photoshop Toolbar, click on the paint bucket. Select your colors, and fill the areas
you want with the colors you want. Then you’re finished with your colorful hamster.

Graphics Tutorial © 2002-2007