The O’Neill Talent Inventory (OTI) is a written instrument which matches your innate dominant intelligences (talents) to vocations or avocations. Statements in the inventory are based upon the theory of multiple intelligences developed by Dr. Howard Gardner, a Professor of Education at Harvard University. Dr. Gardner’s multiple intelligence (MI) theory suggests there are seven basic categories of human intellectual potential: linguistic, spatial, logical-mathematical, musical, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, and intrapersonal. The OTI is designed to identify your talent based on these seven different categories. Every person uses all seven intelligences to a certain extent. The OTI identifies the dominant three or four intelligences from 282 statements which cover part experiences, current interests and self-perceptions, and predictions of future interests. Based upon the selections made, the dominant intelligences are then matched to jobs and leisure activities.

My Involvement
Many educators bourgh Linda O’Neill’s OTI tests packages for their classes. These tests were in ScanTron format, but grading them became a very tedious job. So she wanted a way to have the tests online and have the test results displayed instantly.

I was able to convert her test and made an online version. The test calculates the student’s Multiple Intelligences. Educators would pay for a certain about of tests (ex. 25 tests). Linda would log into the Admin Control Panel and create the new user and add 25 tests to that account. Once the test has been used 25 times, it is no longer accessible.

This website was designed in Microsoft Publisher by Linda, and converted into a webpage by me.

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