Experience with API

I enjoy integrating third-party APIs (Application Programming Interface) into my various projects. Some APIs I have experience in working with are:

  • Microsoft Graph API – Microsoft Graph is a RESTful web API that enables you to access Microsoft Cloud service resources.  I have integrated this API within tools that need access to read/write/send emails like our Service Desk Ticketing system as well as our Space Reservation System that uses the data from our resource Microsoft 365 accounts.  Read more information on this API..

  • Aurea List Manager API – Aurea List Manager (formerly called Lyris List Manager) is a powerful, fast, and easily extensible tool to help manage your email distribution. For programmers, Aurea List Manager has a number of methods to customize and manipulate the behavior of the product.  This product offers a SOAP-based API that I have used to create members, update members information and demographics, as well as send out emails. I have integrated this product into email list management web applications, as well as our school-wide notification system. Read more information on this product..

  • LabStats API – LabStats is the market-leading tool for monitoring software and hardware in higher education. This tool helps our IT department understand exactly what software are needed and used so we can better budget for licenses. LabStats offers a REST API that I use to generate reports within our current custom system. As a power-user and early adopter of the LabStats API, I had the opportunity of working directly with the LabStats Product Manager and his team and be part of the Beta Test of new API endpoints and provide helpful feedback on their product. Read more information on this product..

  • Qualtrics API – Qualtrics Survey Software is a tool used to design, send and analyze surveys online. It’s the primary method of collecting feedback at scale whether that’s a simple questionnaire or a detailed study such as customer or employee feedback as part of a more structured experience management program. Cloud-based survey technology has revolutionized the ability to get data, quickly, from a large number of respondents by automating the process of sending out surveys across a variety of channels from websites and mobile to apps, email and even chatbots.  Qualtrics offers a REST API that I use to create surveys and read the results into reports.  Read more information on this product..

  • Twilio Programmable Messaging API – Twilio is a tool that provides programmable communication tools for making and receiving phone calls, sending and receiving text messages, and performing other communication functions.  Twilio offers various REST APIs for their products, but the one I used most is the Programmable Messaging API.  I have used this API within our school-wide notification tool to send out SMS messages to users. Read more information on this product..

  • BeyondTrust Remote Support Command API – BeyondTrust Remote Support (formerly called Bomgar) is a secure remote support software that enables help desk teams to quickly and securely access and fix any remote device anywhere, on any platform, with a single solution.  BeyondTrust offers a REST API that is integrated into our Service Desk Ticketing system.  Read more about BeyondTrust and it’s API.

  • Liaison WebAdmit API – Liaison’s WebAdMIT is a robust admissions management solution that helps our University work more strategically to recruit, evaluate, admit and enroll best-fit students for your institution’s programs.  WebAdmit offers a REST API and was my first exposure to working with an API.  Since it was being developed as our University transitioned into this new admissions management solution, I had the opportunity to help the Liaison developers make updates to their API by being an early adopter (2015) and sending them feedback from a developer’s standpoint.  I used this API to integrate admission data into our existing PhD Application Viewer system.  Read more about Liaision Admission Management System and WebAdmit API here.