Description: Played a pivotal role in the migration from Viterbi Exchange to Office 365 using Microsoft Graph API. Responsible for learning, testing, implementing, and launching the Service Desk Processing and Conference Room Reservation Systems.

Dates: Sept 2021, January – March 2022

The Microsoft 365 Migration project consisted of many sub-projects that I was the project lead for. This objective of this project was to remove our dependency on the Viterbi Exchange server.

One subproject was to remove all imap dependencies from our source code. I inventoried and updated some of our scripts so we would no longer send out email using imap.

Another subproject I was responsible for was to research and create a proof of concept using Microsoft Graph API. I needed to test if we could read email, moved email to a subfolder, read and write to a calendar. Once I confirmed Microsoft Graph API was the solution we needed, I started to implement it into our tools to remove our Exchange dependency.

Once the proof of concept demonstrated the feasibility of using Microsoft Graph API, I was the lead programmer to implement it into our Viterbi Service Desk and Space Reservation systems.

For the scheduled process of the Viterbi Service Desk Ticket System, the script needed to be able to read emails sent to an Office 265 account, marks it as read, process the content, and then move the email into a different mailbox.

For the Viterbi Space Reservation System, the web tool needed to read and write the calendar information from/to our resource Microsoft 365 accounts.  This allowed users to schedule meeting rooms in both the native Microsoft 365 environment as well as through a web interface.

The Microsoft 365 Migration project was an exciting project to work on as it gave me the opportunity to utilize the skills I learned in my Project Management program as well as explore a new technology like the Microsoft Graph API and how to best integrate it into our existing systems.

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