This is a Valentine Grams Delivery Service I wrote for our Library Staff Association (LSA) group. It made the process of selling and keeping track of all the Valentine Gram orders much easier.

For this project, I used PHP for scripting, mySQL to store all the orders, and the GD Graphics Library to generate the Valentine cards.

Timeframe: January 2005 – February 2005

Website: Internal

Vgram - Login
This is the Admin Control Panel. Once logged in, users can update the Valentine Gram orders to display who paid and who hasn’t.

Vgram - Order
Users can submit their orders with this form. They’re able to enter an anonymous name, a message, and pick a character of their liking to be on the card.

Vgram - Preview
After submitting the order, users have the option to review how their card will look. The cards are generated using PHP and the GD Graphics Library. When the user is satisfied, he/she can click on “Order” to make the transaction. Users will get a receipt in their emails about their orders.

Vgram - Cards
When all orders are in, the script generates a page of cards which are printed, cut out, and made into hand-made cards. 🙂