The UCR Libraries Workshop Signup Sheet is an electronic version of a signup sheet. Students can fill out a short form to reserve a seat in the class. The Admin Control Panel includes options like add/edit series, classes, and students, a user management system, search engine, and more. On the user interface side, the user simply fills out their name, and choose the classes they would like to take, and hit submit. An email notification will be sent to the user as a reminder.

Technologies used were PHP, mySQL, CSS, and Javascript.

Design 1: July 2003 – October 2003
Design 2: July 2008 – November 2008


This is the current and second design of the Library Workshops database. The second design is incorporated into our main Library Website rather than a standalone webapp.


This is the calendar-view of the workshops database.

Design 1:
Workshop - Front
The front page displays all the available Series. By clicking on a series, a list of classes in that series is available. Patrons can also request special classes.

Workshop - Request a Class
Once a class in a series is selected, the patron fills out the information to sign up.

Workshop - List Students Per Class
Admins can log in and view how many students signed up for a particular class.

This is the Admin control panel.

A view of all the classes within a certain series.