Here’s a fun sheep to learn how to draw!

How to Draw a Sheep with
Adobe Illustrator 10.0
Written By: Daynah
Step 1: First open up Adobe Illustrator. To your left, you will see a long toolbar with
all your drawing tools. The most important tool will be your pencil (circled in
the image on the left.) Click on the pencil to change your tool.
Step 2: If the pencil is too thin or too thick, you can change the size of the stroke
in you ‘color’ window. This window one of the small windows to your right.
Move the arrows up and down or manually edit the pixel size of the pencil stroke.
Step 3: With the pencil, draw a cloud-like shape. This will be the head of the sheep.
Step 4: On separate layers, draw the two ears.
Side Note: This is how your layers should look like. Remember to lock your layers so
you don’t edit them by mistake. Layer 1 contains the top of the head.
Layer 2 and Layer 3 has the left and right ears. You may want
to place these two layers below Layer 1.
Step 5: In your toolbar, select a color for the face. To do this, double click on the first color.
A color palette will show up. Select a color and click OK.
Step 6: In another layer, draw the face of the sheep. Then lock the layer.
Step 7: In new layer, draw a bigger cloud shape. Make sure this layer is below the layer with
the face. Lock the layer.
Step 8: In another new layer, draw four legs. Make sure this layer is below the body
layer. Lock the layer.
Step 9: In three different layers, draw the tail, eyes, and nose. And now you have your
Step 10: You will need to use the brush tool for the next step. Click on the brush
in your toolbox.
Step 11: Create a new layer. Make sure this layer is under all the other layers.Then in your Styles window, select a style.
The one I selected is circled in the image.
Step 12: After selecting a style, draw a circle or oval under the sheep. This shape
will have the same ‘style’ that you selected in the window. This is one of the
fun things about Illustrator.
Side Note: You can select other styles and the shape will take up the one you select.
Here is another example with a different style.

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