Background Information:
The UCR Libraries Journal Cancellation Project was a necessary project to help reduce the number of print journals in our libraries. A committee was appointed to select the journals that we have both in print and electronic copies. The committee then needed a way to get this list out to the faculty for them to vote on which journals they still want to keep in print format.

My Involvement:
The list was written in Excel format. I was responsible for putting it in a web format. The excel file was imported into a MySQL database – containing important fields like title, call number, annual cost, library location. Faculty voted on which journals they wanted to retain in print format.

The project called for an easy way to vote. The script was written in php/mysql with the help of ajax. Faculty was able to view items in only a certain library or both. They were able to switch back and forth without losing any data. Once the votes were submitted, the data was submitted as a report for the committee to review.

The importance of this project was the annual cost savings of thousands of dollars for the libraries.

April 2008 – August 2008

Technologies Used:
PHP, MySQL, Ajax, CSS, Javascript

Website: Internal

Main page displays the details of the project and requests for the faculty’s information.

After submitting the data, a list of all the print journals will appear. Default will display journals in both libraries.

User can toggle back and forth between libraries without losing data. The image is currently displaying all the print journals in the Science Library.

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