The Supply Ordering System is an online database for staff to request supplies, microcomputer products, and equipment. The system was developed to replace the old paper request / approval method. Users of the system were allowed to submit supply requests, which are then forwarded to the appropriate people to approve. The database features a user-friendly interface, department history tracker, user access and permissions, cost center and department associations, approval system, access logging, monthly reports, administrator control panel, bug tracking system, and more..

My Involvement:

Interviewing various staff about the ordering process. Created forms, scripts, and graphics. Extensive Beta-Testing. Trained staff on how to use the online software. The software was built with PHP and mySQL.

March 2002 – November 2002
June 2008 – February 2009 (Redesign)

Supply Ordering Database

This is the main login page.

Supply Ordering Database: Profile/Preferences
Profile and preference page.

Supply Ordering Database: Supply Request Forms
Use these forms to submit requests for supplies.

Supply Ordering Database: Microcomputer Forms
Submit requests for microcomputer items.

Supply Ordering Database: Dept. Ordering History
In the Order History view, you can see the order number, initials of who ordered the item, the quantity, date of when the record was last modified, if the item has been received / back-ordered, and everyone who has approved the item. Supply items such as tissue boxes, pens, pencils, etc. will not have to be approved by the Systems Department. Microcomputer and other IT items will need to be approved by the Systems Department.

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