My Involvement:
Every year, the Innovative Users Group has a conference in different cities across the United States. This year, it’s taking place in Anaheim, and a small committee — the IUG 2009 Local Arrangements Committee, is in charged of organizing all the fun stuff for the conference attendees to do.

This website was intended to showcase what Anaheim and Southern California had to offer to the conference attendees. Many people will be coming from out-of-state (and from different countries as well) with their families since it’s so close to Disneyland. Some special features include listing the walking distance of restaurants, their menus, maps, and the time it’ll take for them to get there by walking.

I’m on the IUG 2009 Local Arrangements Committee and was responsible for organizing and creating content for the website, taking photos around the city, and creating pages about the hotel, restaurants around Anaheim, transportation, attractions, shopping, libraries and bookstores, monitor the Twitterstream to help answer any questions, and more.

The layout was based on the Maple Leaf WordPress theme that I did some customization to.

Notes: Innovative Interfaces is a product libraries use to display their catalogs. The Innovative Users Group is an international organization, made up of approximately 1200 public, academic and special libraries and their staff who use and support the Innovative Interfaces, Inc. integrated library software. Also, they are independent from Innovative Interfaces, Inc.

Skills Used:

  • Organizing and Creating Content
  • Installing WordPress
  • Customizing WordPress Themes
  • Installing, editing, and customizing WordPress Plugins
  • Create customized Flickr Stream
  • Digital Photography
  • Editing images in Adobe Photoshop
  • Working with Lightbox
  • Manipulating data in a mysql database using phpMyAdmin
  • PHP scripts for a poll and random image display
  • Research for information
  • Google Maps
  • Testing out apps on various mobile phones
  • Mobile Web Development
  • Using Social Media Tools: Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr

October 2008 – May 2009


I used the Canon EOS 40D and the Sigma 30mm f1.4 lens to take these photos during my Anaheim Photowalk.

Nemo Balls Taxi and Blooms Branches in the Lobby In the Hallways Orchids


Testimonials & Comments:

Your site looks fantastic and is very user friendly. I’m going to
highlight it on the IUG home page when I do some edits over the weekend. Thank you so much for all they work you’ve done on this!

Carol Gyger, Innovative Users Group Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect
Systems Administrator
Fort Collins Regional Library District (Colorado)

Daynah, you are off to a GREAT start. Thanks so much.

John Culshaw from Innovative Users Group Chair,
Assoc. Professor & Interim Assoc. Director for Administrative Services
University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries

Local Arrangements site is awesome!

IUG 2009 Steering Committee

Nice job #IUG2009 Local Arrangements Committee! Great website.

Poudre River Public Library District, SA Department

Daynah, people were so impressed by the Local Arrangements website. I heard lots of compliments about the site and wish you could be there.

Tanya Cao,
Chapman University


Here are a few screenshots of the website.

This is the main landing page. I used 4 stock photos for the boxes, and the rest were taken by me.

The header image was taken by me at the Downtown Disney Store. The header images rotate with a small script I wrote. This keeps the pages new and fresh.

I also really like this header image of the taxi cars.

I scoured the internet for information on nearby shopping centers.

My favorite page so far since I got to write up information about iPhone apps (and other mobile apps) for traveling, wi-fi, and social media links.

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