Sweet Tart Frozen Yogurt is a local self-serve dessert shop in Moreno Valley, CA. You can choose from an array of frozen yogurt and get very creative building your edible masterpiece.

The store owner asked me to help him build a new website from the ground up. They already had a logo created by a design company, and I used that as the basis of the new design.

My Involvement:
I visited the shop to take some photos for the website. I was given the logo design to use and that became the inspiration for the new website layout. I wanted to make something happy, friendly, and inviting.

Services offered in this project:

Feburary 2009 – April 2009

Website: http://www.sweettartfrozenyogurt.com

Sweet Tart Frozen Yogurt
Main Website

Sweet Tart Frozen Yogurt: Photo Popup
If you click on one of the photos, this is what it looks like. Here’s a view of the shop.

Sweet Tart Frozen Yogurt: Coupon
This is the coupon page. What’s special about this is if you print the page, it will print like this:

Sweet Tart Frozen Yogurt: Print View for Coupon

Sweet Tart Frozen Yogurt: Facebook Fan Page
Customized Facebook Fan page

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