MacWorld 2010

MacWorld Expo 2010 was quite a fun and educational experience. Even without Apple being at the show, the Mac community is still very strong. What I really loved this year was being able to meet the actual iPhone app developers at the App Pavilion and seeing the projects that they’re working on. There were also a lot of learning opportunities at the conference as well. Below are some of my conference highlights:

Interesting iPhone / iPod Touch Apps

I didn’t get to see all the iPhone apps at the show, but of the ones I saw, there were the interesting ones:

  • – makes three fitness apps – Runmeter, Cyclemeter, and Walkmeter. The 2.0 versions have many innovative features like mapping out your run (or walk/bike ride) via Google Maps by tracking your on GPS. (iTunes)
  • Navigon – an impressive GPS system. The new version features beautiful 3D graphics rendering, built-in social networks features, and automatic route customization based in part on past driving habits. (iTunes)
  • QuickOffice Connect Mobile Suite is the first and only full-featured Microsoft Office productivity suite for iPhone/iPod touch with integrated access to multiple cloud services. iTunes
  • Farm Frenzy 2 – a new version of the cute farm game for kids. Educational game that teaches children how to count and how to take care of a far. I heard that Farm Frenzy Ice Age is just around the corner! Full Version: (iTunes: Full | Lite)
  • Cisco WebEx Meeting Center – allows you connect to Cisco WebEx meetings right on the phone! iTunes
  • Square is an app that can accept various payment cards. This is a great tool for small businesses and street vendors! Only a small iPhone headphone port adapter and an app – both for 99 cents. Read more..
  • Fastrac – helps you plan your day at Disneyland! Select all the rides you would like to go on and what day. The app will calculate what time you should go on each ride, making sure you’re never standing in line too long! (iTunes)

One thing I would strongly suggest next year is to have more space for the developers in the App Pavilion. Exhibitors only had 1/4 of a small table to stand at and to show off their products. Once Friday and Saturday came, it was just too packed.

Favorite Booths

  • Targus engaged with the audience via social media. They gave nice bags away if you sent out a tweet about their booth. They also tossed bags and t-shirts into the audience! Most importantly, they had this bag that I just love for my future Apple iPad.
  • Smule was such a fun booth! They demoed their “I Am T-Pain” iPhone app and had conference goers singing and auto-tuning their voice. It was great! Pictures!
  • Office 2008 for Mac was so cute! They had people dressed up as each one of the Office products. And they’d dance when I ask them to.. 🙂

Great Learning Opportunities

My favorite thing about attending conferences is all the learning opportunities available. There were various sessions happening all over the expo floor as well as specialized classes and workshops in Moscone West. Some sessions I attended were:

  • GameSalad is a software that allows you to make iPhone/Mac Games without any programming at all. They were located in the expo floor, so attendees were able to take various learning sessions offered by GameSalad. Sessions varied from beginner to advanced. Read more..
  • Market Symposium SA: Web Development: Tools, Trends and Technology – I attended this session by Nick Floro on my second day at MacWorld. It was a great session on various Web 2.0 technologies. Read more..
  • US982: Demystifying iPhone (& iPad) App Development: A Non-Technical Overview for Decision-Makers and Idea People – was a session meant for non-technical uses, but I found it quite informative. Ron walked through all the phases of iPhone App Development, starting with the idea all the way to contracting a developer and putting the app in the store. In addition, I loved all the resources he provided.
    My favorite part was when he showed up some tools for designing the user interface.

I had an amazing time and I can’t wait until next year!

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