This is the third redesign of the UCR Libraries Website. Now that the internet has shifted into a more social environment, we incorporated links and content in social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

To reduce the clutter, yet still hold all the content necessary, ajax tabs were used. With very little time to work on this website before the school year arrived, I’m happy to see that the transition went smoothly.

All lower level pages were updated with the new header/sidebar design as well.

My Involvement

  • Code (PHP, Mysql, Javascript, jQuery, XML)
  • Design (CSS, Edit PSD Files, create graphics)
  • Digital Photography (took photos to use for the website)
  • Social Networking (Customized the Facebook page, recruited new fans, Customized the YouTube Channel, and secure and setup the Twitter page)

2 weeks in Sept. 2009, including meetings


Front Webpage:

Facebook Fan Page:

YouTube Channel:


I want to commend you for your fabulous work on the redesign of the Libraries’ website. Working within such a tight deadline, you created a functional yet attractive site that will hopefully improve our users’ experience and increase their knowledge of library sources and services.

I was particularly impressed at your flexibility and responsiveness to suggestions. Bravo!

Vicki B.
Head of Reference Services
University of California, Riverside

I really like the new home page. Having staff pictures up there is a really excellent idea – that redhead girl sure looks great! I do also like the “Friendly Librarians” section on the home page, as well as the click-through page. The icons associated with the different ways to get in contact with the libraries are a fabulous idea, too. I was really trying to find something to suggest for improvement but I can’t. The design is great and colorful, too, especially the different shades of blue.

Carla A.
Science Library Circulation
University of California, Riverside

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