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There are so many amazing courses available on LinkedIn Learning. I spent most of my winter break feeding my brain and here are some web development courses that I recommend:

  • Tech on the Go: Ethnics in Web Development – Great reminder of how we as web designers and developers avoid risk, mitigate harm, and just do the right thing.

    The main takeaway is that “ethical web design means holding yourself accountable, not only to the rules and regulations governing our craft, but also to the principles and best practices you follow and establish through your craft, make decisions and build solutions that are scalable and that are decisions and solutions you’d want every one of your peers to make when faced with the same design challenge.”
    -Morten Rand-Hendriksen

  • PHP: Creating Secure Websites – Security is on the top of my list when creating and maintaining web applications. This course provides and reinforces a lot of smart strategies on how to combat vulnerabilities as well as alternative ways to implement usable code.

    “Improving security is an ongoing regular process of PHP development and code should be regularly audited. Perfect security may not be achievable, but we should continually strive to do better, to reduce vulnerabilities to common attacks, and to raise the threshold required to do us harm.”
    -Kevin Skoglund

    I highly recommend this course if you use PHP as your preferred programming language. Stay safe and secured!

  • Ten Security Tips for Developers – Security is an essential part of web application development, but sometimes it can be overlooked to get things done quickly. How can we integrate security in our development processes? Instructor Morten Rand-Hendriksen examines ten security insights that every developer needs to build secure and robust applications that protect the software as well as the user.

    The 10 security tips include:
    1. Don’t trust the user
    2. Validate and sanitize
    3. Limit privileges
    4. Encrypt everything
    5. Don’t trust yourself!
    6. Public vs. Private data
    7. Field Verification
    8. Authenticate every interaction
    9. Beware of leaks in console
    10. Assume your walls will be breached
  • Accelerate Your Developer Career – Becoming a high-performing software engineer with opportunities for career growth requires strong collaboration and communication skills in addition to technical skills.

    In this course, instructor Janan Siam focuses on building those skills using real-world scenarios that are relevant to the day-to-day work of software engineers.

    The four main ideas to take away from this course are:
    1. Collaborate with Cross-Functional Teams
    2. Software Delivery is a Team Sport
    3. Develop Emotional Intelligence
    4. Be Heard with Compelling Communication
    I enjoyed this course as it reinforces how to take your software development career to the next level. Soft skills such as communication and emotional intelligence plays a big part in software development, in additional to the technical skills.

Did you enjoy these courses? What courses do you recommend for web application and software development?

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