Athena Hacks 2023

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I recently learned that Athena Hacks 2023 is happening at USC. I was very excited to sign up as a mentor. Inspiring young minds brings me so much joy. Why? I want to be the person I needed when I was younger.. especially when I was struggling in the world of technology. I take delight in helping others and I want to be exposed to different thoughts, opinions, and mindsets. Those are some of the reasons I want to be a mentor. So I have my fingers crossed and hope I can help out with the event. I encourage you to submit an application to be a mentor as well!

Join us for a weekend dedicated to filling the gender gap, exploring technology, and building the next big thing! Our mission is to support and nurture women (trans and non-binary inclusive) in tech by hosting Southern California’s premier hackathon for women, femme and non-binary students. Expect a weekend full of workshops, mentorship, tech talks, social activities, food, and more! No experience necessary, you just need passion.

[Updated as of 2/5/2023] – I am very excited to share that I have been accepted as a mentor for Athena Hacks 2023 and looking forward to attending this amazing event!

You can find more information about Athena Hacks 2023 at

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